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Desfazer Amizades no FaceBook [Limpeza do Perfil]

julho 29, 2017


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Chega um momento que seu perfil no facebook começa a lotar. Em pouco tempo você precisará desfazer alguma amizades para poder aceitar novos amigos em seus perfil.

Eu vivenciei isso a pouco tempo e parti para procurar uma forma de desfazer essas amizades em grandes quantidades.

Foi ai que encontrei um plugin maravilhoso que faz isso rapidamente. Você seleciona todos que deseja remover e ele limpa tudo num clique.

Segue video abaixo em que ensino a usar o plugin que é uma extensão do navegador Chrome e se chama Friend Remover PRO.

Espero que gostem. Deixem os comentários abaixo.

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Creme Dental Amway Glister

julho 29, 2017


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Follow transparent interaction with all your downline. Holding back data is dishonest and can not result in have confidence in. It’s very important which the members of your respective downline truly feel they are able to have confidence in you which you have got their finest pursuits at coronary heart. Even though your team members haven’t ever fulfilled you and only know you nearly, it’s essential to strive to get honest, reputable and supportive. In case your group members really don’t belief you, you can in no way have accomplishment with Multi level marketing.  

Chances are you’ll provide the magic touch in terms of Multi-level marketing, and perhaps referring to others is not really your specialty. That’s all the more rationale why you ought to take great treatment to be client while using the members of your downline. It could not be as straightforward for them to thrive at multi-level promoting mainly because it has become for you. Be sure to offer support and guidance continually and give your team users the perfect time to thrive.  

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Normally be responsive whenever your team associates request you to definitely support them. Keep in mind that their accomplishment implies results to suit your needs. Make sure you sign in with users of your respective downline routinely. Determine how these are carrying out and inquire if there is certainly everything you could do to help. In the event your staff associates usually do not sense supported, your achievement rates will experience.  

Be ethical once you do multi-level internet marketing. There are various persons that work on this sort of internet marketing which can be dishonest and also have unethical profits techniques. Regardless of what sort of pressure you are less than to succeed in this marketing and advertising, try out to run an trustworthy company. This tends to conveniently cause you to jump out through the rest.

Should you be looking so as to add folks on your downline, you have to generate certain to stay in contact with them when they start out. There are several people that set all in their power into recruiting some others then they abandon them as soon as they sign on. You’d probably make more money in case you assistance them get on their ft.

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Pasta Branqueadora Glister

julho 29, 2017


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Exercise transparent interaction together with your downline. Keeping again information and facts is dishonest and may not result in have faith in. It really is vital the members of your respective downline truly feel they might believe in you which you have got their finest passions at coronary heart. Whether or not your team customers haven’t ever fulfilled you and only know you virtually, you should strive to generally be straightforward, reliable and supportive. Should your workforce customers really don’t have faith in you, you may by no means have accomplishment with Multilevel marketing.  

You could have the magic touch on the subject of Multi level marketing, and perhaps referring to other people will not be your specialty. That’s many of the extra cause why you should choose terrific care to be client together with the users of one’s downline. It might not be as straightforward for them to succeed at multi-level marketing as it continues to be in your case. Be sure you give help and help consistently and provides your staff users the perfect time to realize success.  

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Constantly be responsive once your crew customers inquire you to definitely support them. Don’t forget that their achievements implies achievement for yourself. Be sure you check in with associates of your downline regularly. Find out how they are really performing and question if there’s anything you may do to help. If the team associates tend not to truly feel supported, your success rates will endure.  

Be moral whenever you do multi-level advertising and marketing. There are various individuals that work within this type of internet marketing which can be dishonest and have unethical gross sales strategies. No matter what sort of tension you might be below to achieve this marketing, try to operate an straightforward company. This may easily cause you to stand out in the relaxation.

Should you be looking to incorporate men and women on your downline, you have got to generate sure to keep in touch with them after they get started. There are plenty of individuals that put all in their energy into recruiting many others then they abandon them when they register. You should make more money in case you aid them get on their feet.

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Tesla delivers its first 30 Model 3s in historic moment

julho 29, 2017


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Tesla releases Model 3

Tesla handed over the keys to the first 30 Model 3 owners at the automaker’s manufacturing plant in Fremont, California Friday night.

The jubilant event marked the culmination of a long journey to deliver an affordable electric car. With its first three vehicles — the Roadster, Model S and Model X — Tesla (TSLA) made electric cars cool. But with prices approaching and exceeding $100,000, few could afford them.

Now with the Model 3, which starts at $35,000, Tesla is releasing a vehicle that could truly move the needle on electric car adoption. The sedan is a critical step in CEO Elon Musk’s vision of accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

“This is a great day for Tesla,” Musk told reporters Friday. “It was never our goal just to make expensive cars. We wanted to make cars everyone could buy.”

model 3 2

Musk said Friday that the net reservation number for Model 3s is over half a million. If all those reservations turn into actual orders, the Model 3 appears set to be among the best-selling vehicles in the United States.

Tesla’s popularity with consumers has forced the rest of the auto industry to promise their own electric vehicles. Tesla’s challenge isn’t finding customers — but rather if it can serve them fast enough. A customer pre-ordering a Model 3 today would have to wait until late 2018 to receive the car.

Related: When Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos left everyone in their dust

Musk described to reporters Friday how the company went through “production hell” to deliver its first three models. The Model 3 was designed to be minimalist so that Tesla can produce more cars faster.

The Model 3 has far fewer bells and whistles than previous Teslas. The door handles are manual, the body is half steel rather than all aluminum, and there’s only one screen on the dashboard, mounted at the center, so there’s no instrument cluster in front of the driver.

model 3 4

The standard Model 3 has a battery range of 220 miles and gets from 0-60 mph in 5.6 seconds. Customers can pay for added features, including a larger battery, fancier wheels, metallic paint and autonomous driving features. There’s a four-year 50,000 mile limited warranty for the vehicle. The battery’s warranty is eight years and 100,000 miles.

Despite the slimmed-down feature set, the Model 3 still has Tesla’s distinct stylings.

“Everything we do at Tesla has to be beautiful,” Tesla chief designer Franz von Holzhausen told reporters. “And the beauty is only great if it’s functional.” He singled out the Model 3’s glass roof, which was designed to make the car feel more spacious.

model 3 5

One of the open questions around the Model 3 is its self-driving capabilities. Tesla has been a market leader with partial self-driving features, such as lane keeping and automated lane changes. Tesla says the Model 3 ships with the hardware necessary for full self-driving capability. As its self-driving software improves, the company will issue updates. Eventually, Tesla expects the car will drive itself.

But Tesla’s self-driving team has had several key departures in the last year, and faces intense competition from major tech companies, automakers and startups.

The Model 3 may take its place alongside Henry Ford’s Model T and Steve Jobs’s iPhone as transcendent pieces of technology that ushered in new eras. Or it could be surpassed, and remembered instead as the catalyst for a new market that competitors ultimately won.

CNNMoney (Washington) First published July 29, 2017: 12:06 AM ET

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Como Escolher as Palavras Chaves PERFEITAS para os Seus Projetos

julho 28, 2017


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Um estudo inicial sobre palavras chaves é fundamental para você descobrir o que seu público alvo deseja.

Nesse video eu ensino a utiliza o próprio Google para você descobrir o que seu público pesquisa sobre o tema.

Assista de deixe seus comentários abaixo. Obrigado.

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Advocacia Família em Itajai

julho 28, 2017


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In regards to choosing an attorney, have faith in is undoubtedly an necessary part from the marriage you want to build. You may want a law firm that you can truly feel comfy with and who appears to be really able of dealing with your case. This will just take some time to uncover, so look cautiously!

A superb suggestion to keep in mind when considering selecting a lawyer should be to generate down quite a few questions that you simply desire to inquire him or her.  You'd like to find out what their philosophy is and so on, and asking queries will help give you a apparent strategy about them.

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Try to stay clear of an attorney that does not use a particular area of legislation they focus in. You can find lawyers throughout focusing on distinct fields of review. Choosing certainly one of them will boost your likelihood of achievements for the reason that individual you employ will know what precisely they're accomplishing when they phase in to the courtroom.

Uncover out everything you'll be able to about legal professionals you are thinking about. What kinds of authorized companies do they belong to, for instance? Bar businesses usually enable to help keep their associates informed of your quite lastest in authorized news. You need a lawyer who stays abreast of present-day legal developments!

For those who locate that a lawyer is actively searching for you out, chorus from hiring them. Usually, that is a scam you will choose to keep away from, specifically if you are experiencing an issue which is going to cost you many revenue. Do your due diligence and seek the services of the very best law firm on your own conditions.

Produce a spending budget in terms of purchasing authorized fees. When you get in touch with a lawyer they usually are over your cost array, try to locate someone else. While there is certainly very little erroneous with going a little bit about your budget, you do not desire to pick out an attorney that you simply may have hassle hoping to pay.

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Curso Manutenção Celular 2017 Video Aulas

julho 28, 2017


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Rotate your iphone horizontally just before activating the keyboard. Executing this may increase the scale with the keyboard, earning it less complicated to sort. This really is primarily handy in the event you have hassle observing the compact screen or have incredibly large fingers. This could certainly prevent time and stress with misspelled words and phrases or faults in auto-correct.

Your apple iphone can perform just about anything at all you desire it to.  The phrase “there’s an application for that” is partly tongue in cheek and partly true.  Examine out the application keep for plenty of good concepts and things which you can begin making use of your telephone to try and do, keep an eye on or remind you of.

Look at:

Constantly make certain that you established a password.  This is important to your apple iphone so that no-one can break into your own information and facts and you also is often as secure as feasible. You’re allowed to use 4 digits to make your password and always make certain to work with something which you might remember.

If you have Siri with your hottest era apple iphone, bear in mind you should communicate simply, obviously and bit by bit.  When you discuss far too quickly, within a deep accent or mumble your terms, she won’t be able to be familiar with you, and you may finish up being annoyed.  Try to understand the words and phrases that she recognizes very easily so that you have a better time employing her.

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Between its lots of wonderful takes advantage of the iPhone’s great ability to assist you to study international languages.  By downloading apps that provide vocabulary instruction along with translation aid in a massive variety of tongues, it is possible to established your self on the path to becoming a real citizen of your globe.  

Should you use Safari to search by the online market place in your apple iphone, try this trick for typing within a new URL. In place of basically typing out “.com,” you may keep down the “.com” button. When you maintain the button down, it will scroll by means of essentially the most well-known web-site extensions, such as .org, .internet and .edu.

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Thank you

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Amazon stock falls as profit declines 77%

julho 27, 2017


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Amazon buying Whole Foods for $13.7 billion

So much for Jeff Bezos being the richest man in the world.

Amazon (AMZN, Tech30)‘s stock fell 3% in after hours trading Thursday as the company reported a June quarter profit that fell well below Wall Street estimates.

Amazon posted a profit of $197 million for the quarter, a massive 77% drop from the $857 million profit it reported in the same period a year earlier.

Related: Jeff Bezos briefly dethrones Bill Gates as world’s richest person

Last month, Amazon announced a blockbuster deal to buy Whole Foods for $13.7 billion. The deal is expected to be completed in the second half of this year.

The company has also been investing aggressively in original video content, hardware, infrastructure for its cloud computing business and fulfillment centers in the U.S. and abroad.

Those investments have helped Amazon attract more customers to its Prime membership service and boost sales. Its revenue hit $38 billion for the quarter, up 25% from a year earlier.

“It’s energizing to invent on behalf of customers, and we continue to see many high-quality opportunities to invest,” Bezos said in a statement with the earnings release.

Bezos had narrowly edged out Microsoft (MSFT, Tech30) founder Bill Gates earlier in the day to briefly become the world’s richest person. Amazon’s stock decline puts Bezos further from that title.

CNNMoney (New York) First published July 27, 2017: 4:32 PM ET

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Treasury Secretary Mnuchin: Do not call me the 'foreclosure king'

julho 27, 2017


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Steve Mnuchin in 60 seconds

Whatever you do, don’t call Steven Mnuchin ‘the foreclosure king.’

It really ticks him off.

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Democrats and housing advocates bestowed the title on Mnuchin after he was named by President Trump to serve as Treasury Secretary. They accused Mnuchin of having profited from the 2008 financial crisis by foreclosing on thousands of distressed homeowners while he was owner of housing lender IndyMac, which later was renamed OneWest.

It’s an accounting Mnuchin vehemently disputes.

“I didn’t make one mortgage during or prior to the mortgage crisis,” said Mnuchin while testifying before the House Financial Services Committee on Thursday.

Related: Mnuchin’s former bank agrees to $89 million settlement

In a heated exchange with Rep. Keith Ellison, Mnuchin brought up the moniker himself when asked about the thousands of Americans whose homes were foreclosed upon during the great recession.

“I take great offense to anybody who calls me the foreclosure king,” the former Goldman Sachs banker rebuked.

Ellison then asked Mnuchin what his position was on robo-signing, a term used to refer to the improper foreclosure practices.

“I don’t think you even know what the definition of robo-signing is,” Mnuchin quipped.

“You don’t know what I know,” Ellison punched back.

Related: California investigators wanted to sue Mnuchin bank

Rep. Maxine Waters, the top Democrat on the panel, interjected to ask if Chairman Jeb Hensarling “Would like to give the secretary an opportunity to apologize to Mr. Ellison?”

But Mnuchin refused to bite. “I’m not apologizing to anybody because robo-signing is not a legal term and I was being harassed.”

The exchange was just one of several testy moments captured throughout Thursday’s hearing, demonstrating Democrats increasing frustrations with the Trump administration.

At the outset of the three-hour hearing, Hensarling read out the rules of decorum to members of the committee on how to treat witnesses.

It was a life preserver to Mnuchin, who was quick to cite those rules while Waters pressed him on why she hadn’t received a response from him on her request for information on the president’s financial ties to Russia.

Related: House Democrats press Treasury to divulge any Trump-Russia financial ties

“Mr. Chairman, I thought when you read the rules you acknowledged that I shouldn’t be interrupted and that I would have [time],” he said.

That prompted Waters to retort: “What he [Hensarling] failed to tell you was you’re on my time. I can reclaim it. He left that out, so I’m reclaiming my time.”

But that didn’t seem to stop their skirmish from boiling over.

“Perhaps Mr. Chairman I don’t understand the rules because I thought I was allowed to answer questions,” Mnuchin said speaking over Waters, who shouted “Reclaiming my time!”

Waters is leading a group of House Democrats who have requested Treasury Department to disclose any financial ties between Russia and President Trump, his family and allies. They sent a letter dated May 23 to Treasury requesting information, which has gone unanswered.

Mnuchin eventually replied that his general counsel had spoken to Waters’ office yesterday.

“You did not respond. You left a message,” said Waters. “Let’s keep going.”

CNNMoney (Washington) First published July 27, 2017: 4:59 PM ET

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Martin Shkreli's fraud trial is coming to a close

julho 27, 2017


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Martin Shkreli in 86 seconds

Martin Shkreli’s fraud trial is wrapping up.

Lawyers delivered closing arguments Thursday after a month of jury selection and testimony. Prosecutors called Shkreli a liar, while the defense said he acted in good faith and even made money for his investors.

The 34-year-old former pharmaceutical executive is accused of cheating investors out of more than $11 million between 2009 and 2014 in what amounted to a Ponzi scheme. Shkreli, who has pleaded not guilty, faces up to 20 years in prison.

The charges are unrelated to what made him famous: In 2015, he drew public outrage when he unabashedly raised the price of an HIV drug from $13.50 to $750.

Shkreli is accused of mismanaging money at his investment funds Elea Capital, MSMB Capital and MSMB Healthcare, as well as while he was CEO of Retrophin (RTRX), a pharmaceutical company he founded in 2011.

Prosecutors say he lied to investors at MSMB Capital and MSMB Healthcare about how well his investment funds were doing, and that he used money from Retrophin to help pay off MSMB investors, as well as his personal loans and other debts.

Federal prosecutors spent more than four hours summarizing their fraud case. They called their evidence “devastating.”

“There’s a huge difference between what the defendant is saying — which are lies — and what the truth is,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Alixandra Smith told jurors. She said investors were kept in the dark about where their money was tied up.

Shkreli’s lawyer, Ben Brafman, has defended his client as an oddball genius who ultimately made his investors richer. He said during the trial that Shkreli never intended to defraud anyone.

“Good faith can in this case be a defense to every one of these charges,” Brafman said in his own closing argument.

He said that Shkreli himself believed he was going to be successful, that everyone who met him called him “stunningly brilliant,” and that he slept in a sleeping bag on his office floor to try to make Retrophin a success.

Shkreli did not testify. But he has kept his bombastic presence on social media throughout the trial, despite efforts by prosecutors and his own lawyer to keep him quiet.

Related: Shkreli just kept talking during his fraud trial

“This was a bogus case from day one,” he wrote on Facebook last week.

He even took to Facebook to explain his decision not to testify in his own defense.

“Plead the fif when it comes to the fam im like a dog i dont speak but i understand,” he said, alluding to lyrics from Jay-Z’s song “Never Change.”

CNNMoney (New York) First published July 27, 2017: 4:29 PM ET

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